Supply Chain Solution

Supply chain solution

Global supply chains are increasingly complex and multi-dimensional. To support your sourcing, manufacturing and distribution activities in multiple countries, Aframax Logistics offers highly customised solutions to cater to your unique requirements.
Our dedicated key account management teams consistently devise new operation models and solutions for international customers, from consultation and design to implementation and evaluation. The benefits are lowered inventory, shorter lead time to market, and significantly increased cost-efficiency.
Through long-term partnership, competitive cost management and continuous improvement, we are committed to helping you achieve your strategic requirements at the global, regional and local level.

Sub Categories

By managing a portfolio of logistics facilities worldwide, Aframax Logistics provides exceptional reliability and product security for your cargo. Our unique asset ownership model offers high flexibility to meet your ever-changing needs, as well as the expansion and long-term growth of your business.
We have the expertise and resources to manage your national and regional distribution centres and connect them through our extensive network and infrastructure, giving you an edge over your competition.
Our logistics facilities are concentrated across world in close proximity to your manufacturing base, suppliers and customers. We offer cost-effective inventory management, a diverse range of value-added services, and efficient order fulfilment in end markets.

From procurement to manufacturing operations, AFRAMAX production logistics services can reduce costs and streamline your processes.
Aframax is a leader in the logistics industry. We have the experience and expertise to optimize your supply chain from the procurement stage to the actual manufacturing operations.
Whether you need greater control and visibility of your production supply, or you want to optimize your sequenced line side deliveries, our procurement and manufacturing logistics solutions can help.
Aframax Production Logistics fills the gap between your suppliers’ operations and your company’s manufacturing sites. We’ll handle consolidating supplier materials close to your supply points using our own — or your preferred — expert international transportation network. You’ll save in logistics costs because we reduce safety stock, cycle times, and excess inventory. We make your suppliers feel as though they’re right next door.
Our Production Logistics covers all activities connected to your supply of manufacturing operations – from kitting and subassembly, to JIT and JIS delivery. We focus on keeping your supply chain lean – providing just the right amount of supplies for on-time manufacture. Using the latest techniques and technology, we manage all aspects of supply for your manufacturing operations.

Aframax Reverse and Spares Logistics solutions help you reduce your service cost and waste by optimizing repairs and returns.
Aframax Service & Aftermarket Logistics are globally-renowned services, designed to support Spare Parts and Reverse Logistics needs. With our global coverage, robust transportation network and industry-leading logistics experience, our Service & Aftermarket Logistics solutions can help you reduce your service costs and waste.
Our Reverse Logistics & Repair Services solutions minimize the cost and increase the velocity of the most complex area of the supply chain ¬– returns. We combine consolidated transportation with specific reverse center processes and systems to provide:

Reverse Logistics

• RMA (Return Material Authorization) Processing
• Return parts verification
• Returns inspection and disposition
• Replacement and warranty check
• Return to vendor
• Asset recovering
• Recycling.

Repair Logistics

• Visual & Mechanical inspection
• Screening
• Technical inspection
• Module replacement
• Dismantling
• Refurbishment and board repair (up to chipset replacement)
On the other hand, our Spares Logistics solutions ensure successful maintenance service on a global level. Our global warehouse footprint allows us to set up a spares network consisting of central/regional dedicated spares centers and last mile local shared spares depots, dedicated to the individual after markets of the customers.

Our Spares Logistics Services include:

• Just-In-Time delivery to supply maintenance programs for end customer
• Time based service levels
• Warehousing and value added services like kitting, technical inspection and repacking
• Global stock transparency
• Transport consolidation and optimization
• Last mile delivery
• Transport and logistic coordination by control centre concept

As one of the world’s leading logistics providers, we’re passionate about adding value to your supply chain. By focusing on innovation, we’ve developed advanced, scalable, and customized logistics solutions to manage the key aspects of your e-commerce supply chain.
From receiving high volumes of delivery, to orchestrating parcel delivery for small orders, our e-commerce solutions cover all aspects of e-commerce warehousing services. Plus, when combined with our contract and lead logistics programs, you get access to a full range of services for all your logistics needs.

Aframax reputation for quality, reliability and innovation brings to fruition a broad spectrum of value-added services that enhances and complements Aframax core transportation and warehouse management logistics services.
However complex and difficult your requirements are, Aframax has the expertise to recognize challenges unique to your industry, the wide range of capabilities to seize the opportunities together, and most importantly of all, the network, know-how and special attitude to enable successes in your supply chain.
Aframax value added services not only improve operations workflows, they facilitate strategies to postpone final assembly and labeling of products till final consumption takes place. The ultimate aim is to improve inventory management, reduce inventory holding and ensure configuration, transformation or localization of products.

Some of our proven effective solutions include:
• Reconfiguration
• Sequencing & sub-assembly services
• SKD (semi knocked down) & CKD (completely knocked down)
• Quality checks
• Customization (e.g. stitching, laser engraving)
• Packaging services (e.g. co-packing, shrinking, wrapping)
• Labelling & price tagging
• Reverse logistics (e.g. repairs, warranty checks)
• Returns handling

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